Focusing on Tiancheng tree "three products" to revitalize Chu wine Yellow Crane Tower
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(understanding the development of Yellow Crane Tower liquor industry)

(experience brewing process)

On December 9th, Hu Daoyin, Deputy Secretary General of the Hubei provincial government, and Tao Hongbing, one of the inspectors of the Hubei provincial trust hall, investigated the Yellow Crane Tower liquor industry, the Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the Gujing Group, Liang Jinhui, the party secretary and chairman of the Yellow Crane Tower wine party, Xu Peng, and the senior executives Zhu Xianghong, Ma Yuxia and Wei.

Hu Daoyin and his party visited Tiancheng Fang brewing workshop, celebrity wine cellar, wine culture museum and other places, detailedly understood the development process and enterprise planning of Yellow Crane Tower liquor industry. In Xin's tavern, Xu Peng introduced the brewing technology and production process of Yellow Crane Tower wine in detail. He also said that Yellow Crane Tower wine industry, with the ingenuity of "one grain, three craftsmen and craftsmen", selected high quality grain, and made constant temperature and humidity cave to ensure the harmonious and pure sweet smell of the brewed wine. Subsequently, Hu Daoyin and his company also personally experienced the liquor making process, spread the lees evenly, and retort distilled to make the original wine.

At the forum, Liang Jinhui introduced the strategic goals and future goals of cooperation between Gujing tribute wine and Yellow Crane Tower wine. He said that since the cooperation between the ancient Jing Gong wine and the Yellow Crane Tower wine, the leaders of various levels of government have been strongly supported and concerned, so as to lay a firm foundation for the high quality and rapid development of the Yellow Crane Tower liquor industry. Liang Jinhui also introduced the future development strategy of enterprises from three aspects: "quality", "brand" and "conduct". He pointed out that iron is still hard on its own. This great new era breeds great new opportunities. Only by doing well in products and doing well in the market can employees' value be reflected and create greater initiative for the society.

Tao Hongbing expressed appreciation for the support and promotion of Anhui Gujing Group to Hubei's industrial economy. He proposed that Hubei, as a big liquor consumption province, leaders at all levels attached great importance to the development of the liquor industry. We hope that the Yellow Crane Tower liquor industry will seize the opportunity to achieve leapfrog development, and strive to make Hubei white wine brand enter the first square of liquor in China and strive to become the leader of Chu liquor.

In his concluding remarks, Hu Daoyin said that as a native of Hubei, he had deep feelings for Yellow Crane Tower wine. The cooperation between Gujing tribute wine and Yellow Crane Tower wine will combine the practice of Anhui wine with the exploration of Chu wine, and strive to jointly create a new pattern of liquor industry. The practice exploration will collide with the new opportunities of the new era, and will revitalize the development of Chu liquor, remold the liquor industry echelon, and become an industry. A classic case.

Qi Xinglei, deputy director of the five secretaries of the general office of the Hubei provincial government, Wu Hongchun, director of the five secretaries of the Secretariat, Wu Hongchun, deputy director of the comprehensive office of the Hubei provincial trust office, Liu Liangbo, the four level investigator Chen Ping of the consumer products industry department, Wen Lei, director of the consumer goods office of the Wuhan Municipal Bureau of letters and telecommunications, and Zhou Li, the four grade investigator, and assistant Chen Zhaoyang, director of the administrative service center of the liquor industry, participated in the investigation.

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