Jin Hui's charity helps Huang crane to fly
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(Yellow Crane Tower liquor industry signed funding agreement)

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In August 22nd, the Twelfth "Jinhui charity charity assistance action" and the "one should not be less" green student grant ceremony was held at the Yellow Crane Tower liquor industry in Hanyang district. Yin Mingzhi, director of the office of Hubei customs work committee, Luo Yousong, deputy director of Wuhan customs work committee, director of Wuhan customs work committee to He Ming, vice chairman of Wuhan Charity Association, He Ming, deputy head of Hanyang government, Pi Huilan, Commissioner of Hanyang Working Committee, Li Delu, Party Secretary and chairman of the Yellow Crane Tower, Xu Peng, assistant general manager Wei attended the event. Xiao Xiao, Secretary of the Hanyang delegation, chaired the meeting.

At the meeting, Xu Peng signed a financial aid agreement with 4 poor college students funded by the company.

Xu Peng said that the Yellow Crane Tower liquor industry is actively implementing the mission of "contributing to wine and enjoying life", actively taking social responsibilities, carrying forward the Chinese traditional culture, adhering to the spirit of Thanksgiving, providing consumers with delicious wine, and transmitting positive energy for the society. The core values of "being a real person, brew wine, make good health, and help the world" are transformed into practical actions of serving, contributing, helping and educating people. And put forward three expectations for students, keep forging ahead, constantly learn and enrich themselves, learn knowledge, learn to be a person, master more skills to repay society, and always have reverence, no matter facing difficulties or facing temptation, do not forget their true feelings. We should always be grateful, be kind to others, be good to ourselves, pass good intentions, and extend our national tradition to infinity.

Pi Huilan first congratulated everyone who would enter the new journey of life, and made two requests. The youth is strong, strong and less complaining, more positive energy, ambitious and hard working, taking difficulties as growth experience, cherishing valuable youth, rising in difficulties, and becoming talents in adversity. Qingchuan has a history of Hanyang trees, luxuriant grass parrot Chau Chau, loves home, returns home, combines personal ambition with accelerating Hanyang's overall rise and the country's lofty goals, and contributes to the construction of hometown.

Finally, Luo Yousong made a concluding speech. He said that Hanyang district would implement the work of caring for students, pay attention to every detail and care for every student. The love enterprise has a wide range of activities, with a high degree of cooperation, and the choice of the recipients is accurate. The activity ceremony is lively and lively. It is a typical example of Wuhan. And admonish students, knowledge changes destiny, universities not only have buildings and masters, but also make full use of all kinds of resources, master skills, return home and serve the motherland.

After the meeting, participants visited the Yellow Crane Tower wine culture museum, the Party Building Culture Museum, the Tiancheng Fang brewing workshop, the famous wine cellar and other places.

It is reported that "Jinhui charity charity assistance action" has been held for 12 years, raising funds of nearly 4 million 500 thousand yuan, helping nearly 3000 students return to campus. "Jinhui charity charity assistance action" has become a popular engineering and moral administration project in Hanyang District, and a bright card for the next generation. 2019 "Jinhui care for charitable aid action" has raised 15 love units and 402 thousand personal donations of Yellow Crane Tower wine industry, Zhejiang green share education foundation, Wuhan Charity Federation, Jianmin Pharmaceutical industry, etc., and subsidized 143 people, including small, medium, high, University and orphans.

Zhang Rui, the chairman of the Yellow Crane Tower liquor trade union and deputy director of the CPC Central Committee, participated in the activities. The representatives of Zhejiang green sharing education foundation, Jianmin Pharmaceutical industry, Kyushu Tong Medicine Group, Wuhan Yuhuan chamber of Commerce, Yellow Crane Tower wine industry, Wuhan Fuda edible oil seasoning Co., Ltd., Wuhan Hanyang hospital, Hanyang AI Eye Hospital, Wuhan City Charity Association and other units were all working on the streets. The head of the office and public service office, a total of over 100 representatives of the aided students and their parents, took part in the activities.

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