[product name]: Pit

Raw material: Water, northeast glutinous sorghum

[aroma type]:

[net content]: 80 Jin

[alcohol]: 72%vol76 Jin 78%vol4 Jin

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product details

Yellow Crane Tower's big scent cellar original wine is not only custom wine, but also rare rare works of art.

For high-end customers, customize your extraordinary quality life with originality and ancient art.

Let you not only taste a large scent wine, but also a noble dignity.

It has the value of investment collection. Since its birth, its investment and collection value has been determined. With the increase of cellar age, the quality of its original liquor has long been very precious.

Essence: Each cellar is unique and unreplicable, from grain selection, fermentation to wine extraction, and essence.

Scarcity: The annual sale of 600 cellars is limited.

Collection: The original liquor of the Qingqing cellar pool is not only of superior quality, but also has a higher value of additional collection, and its selling price is increased every year. It is regarded as "liquid gold" and has great value added space.

Cellar selection: Each big incense master will have his unique identity code. He can choose his or her identity code in the corresponding number library. At the same time, wine cellar can be selected in the existing empty scent cellar, and the identity code will be printed on the established cellar until the wine is finished.

Cellar: After the completion of the liquor production, the Qingqing cellar will be stored for three years in a celebrity cellar free of charge, and will be kept free for three years.

Sub package: 80 Jin large altar, 6 Jin of the altar, 500ml points bottled, a variety of free distribution mode for your choice.

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