Safe blood to save lives -- the Yellow Crane Tower liquor industry was awarded the honorary title of voluntary voluntary blood donation voluntary volunteer group in Wuhan in 2020.
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In June 12th, the Wuhan municipal health and Health Committee and the Wuhan blood center jointly held the theme of "safe blood saving lives" at the Wuhan bosom wharf, to celebrate the seventeenth world blood donors day. Zhang Rui, the chairman of the Yellow Crane Tower liquor trade union and deputy director of the party's center, were invited to attend the activities.

During the event, the Wuhan Municipal People's government led the blood donation team to the Wuhan blood center to award the honorary title of the Yellow Crane Tower liquor industry in 2020, the voluntary voluntary donation of blood in Wuhan.

It is understood that, before this, Yellow Crane Tower wine industry responded positively to the call of the Wuhan municipal government, organized the company staff volunteer blood donation reached 24000 milliliters, alleviated the blood bank pressure.

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