Wang Jiashu, party secretary and director of the Suizhou municipal market supervision bureau, went to the Suizhou branch of the Yellow Crane Tower liquor factory for investigation and guidance.
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In June 12th, Wang Jiashu, party secretary and director of Suizhou municipal market supervision bureau, went to the scene of the relocation project of Yellow Crane Tower liquor industry (Suizhou) Co., Ltd. Min Boping, member of the Suizhou liquor industry committee and director of the Suizhou branch factory, received a visit.

In the survey, Wang Jia Shu went deep into the construction site of the brewing workshop to see the progress of the project in detail. Wang Jia Shu learned that the Suizhou Yellow Crane Tower branch factory relocation project "safety production month" activity is rich in content, in the normalization of security hidden trouble investigation, safety warning propaganda, on the basis of the organization, launched the "anti falling emergency drill" activities.

Later, min Po Ping made a detailed report on the progress of the project's land use and water intake.

Wang Jiashu stressed that the construction of key projects in provinces and municipalities is an important foundation for boosting the transformation and development of the city's economy. All departments should take the initiative to go deep into the enterprises to provide good services, coordinate and solve the difficulties and problems encountered in the process of project construction, so as to escort the development of enterprises and ensure that the projects will be completed and put into operation as soon as possible. At the same time, we must compact the main responsibility of epidemic prevention and control and safety production, and implement various measures to prevent and control epidemic situation, so as to ensure the health of employees and the safety of project construction.

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