Chinese industrial and technological Limited by Share Ltd, Wuhan state owned Assets Management Co., Ltd. visited Yellow Crane Tower wine industry.
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In June 10th, Ma Xinqiang, the party secretary and chairman of the Huagang technology industry Limited by Share Ltd, vice president and chief financial officer of the Huagang technology industry, Liu Hanshu, the Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the Wuhan state owned Assets Management Co., Ltd., Wang Yu Bao, deputy secretary of the Wuhan state owned Assets Management Limited company and vice chairman Zhou Kai and his party went to the Yellow Crane Tower wine industry to visit and exchange with the company party. Party secretary and chairman Xu Peng received the visit.

During the exchange, Ma Xinqiang and his party visited Tiancheng Fang brewing workshop, celebrities wine cellar, wine culture museum and Party Building Culture Museum, and detailed understanding of the development process and corporate culture of Yellow Crane Tower wine.

Xu Peng explained the reform and development status of the wine industry in, including the industrial structure layout, production base construction, technological innovation capability and market development. After listening to the presentation, Ma Xinqiang and his delegation highly appraised the company's sustained, coordinated and sound development.

Wang Yubao pointed out that during the epidemic period, it is commendable to take active social responsibility, timely donate donations to the epidemic, and help the epidemic prevention work in an orderly manner.

Ma Xinqiang said that as a local enterprise in Wuhan, we will be more conscientious in our duties and responsibilities, actively seek development, improve business skills and service capabilities, and contribute to the economic development of the post epidemic era.

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