Wan Yong: reinvigorate the famous wine and polish the business card for 100 years
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In May 7th, Wan Yong, vice governor of the Hubei Provincial People's government, Fei Deping, Deputy Secretary General of the Hubei Provincial People's government, director of the Hubei provincial agricultural office, Xiao Fuqing, director of the provincial agriculture and rural department, Li Qiang, deputy mayor Li Qiang of the Wuhan Municipal People's government, Meng Chunlin, Hanyang District Secretary, District Secretary Xu Li, Hubei provincial deputy director general, Meng Chunlin Party member of Hubei provincial chamber of Commerce and deputy director of the provincial port office. Yellow Crane Tower wine industry. Yellow Crane Tower liquor party secretary and chairman Xu Peng, executives Ma Yuxia, Huang Xiaowen, Wei state accompanied by research.

Wan Yong and his party inspected the epidemic prevention and control work of the Yellow Crane Tower liquor industry, and stressed that the epidemic prevention should be normal and life oriented. Subsequently, Wan Yong and his colleagues investigated Tiancheng Fang brewing workshop, celebrity wine cellar, Yellow Crane Tower wine culture museum, and Party building culture museum. Wan Yong commended that the Party Building Culture Museum of the Yellow Crane Tower liquor industry was first-class from form to content, not only carrying the heavy sense of history, but also keeping pace with the party and keeping pace with the times. And put forward the expectation of revitalizing famous liquor and polishing the name card of 100 years for Yellow Crane Tower liquor industry.

At the forum, Xu Peng welcomed and thanked the arrival of Wan Yong and his party. He also reported on the general situation of the liquor industry in and the measures taken since the outbreak. Xu Peng said that during the epidemic period, the Yellow Crane Tower liquor industry actively carried out the mission and social responsibility of the enterprise, and organized the condolences to the first tier hospitals, the isolation points and the community of nearly 700, and donated more than 40 million yuan. It contributed to the development and rejuvenation of Wuhan. Sudden outbreak of the outbreak of the outbreak, the liquor season suddenly becomes consumption cold winter, enterprise pressure, development pressure, cost pressures face, but at all levels of government's support, Yellow Crane Tower wine industry will implement the "strategy unchanged, the index is not adjusted, the goal is not reduced" requirements, pressure as a driving force, and strive to complete the company's annual business objectives, to make contributions to Hubei's economic development.

Wan Yong said that at the request of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government to go deep into the enterprises and understand the difficulties of the enterprises, the first stop came to the Yellow Crane Tower liquor industry. From traditional wine making process to red party culture, from the normal management of epidemic prevention to the open thinking to stimulate the enterprise economy, Yellow Crane Tower liquor industry has effectively built up the productivity of enterprises with strong enterprise cohesion. Combining wine culture with traditional culture, combining local culture with enterprise culture, and combining domestic and foreign enterprises, the story of Yellow Crane Tower wine industry with temperature and strength and the image of Yellow Crane Tower wine industry are molded.

Wan Yong stressed that the epidemic has brought a certain impact on the economic development of Hubei. In order to promote Wuhan's recovery after the epidemic and promote the prevention and control of the epidemic and the economic and social development as a whole, provincial, municipal and district governments at all levels will vigorously support and support the enterprises, so that the enterprises will be confident and steady. Subsequently, Wan Yong led various functional departments to give solutions to the problems and difficulties raised by the Yellow Crane Tower liquor industry one by one, and put forward some guiding opinions.

Hubei provincial trust hall, provincial commerce department, general office of the provincial government, Hubei daily, Hubei radio and TV station, Hanyang District government and other relevant functional departments, Xie Yi, director of the Yellow Crane Tower liquor purchasing center, the trade union chairman, Zhang Rui, deputy director of the CPC Central Committee, Chen Zhaoyang, assistant director of the administrative service center, participated in the activities.

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