Further upgrading, optimizing, improving efficiency and creating brilliance -- Yellow Crane Tower liquor industry held its 2019 annual business meeting
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(Xu Peng's speech)


(signing the target responsibility)

In January 17th, Yellow Crane Tower liquor industry held its 2019 annual regular meeting. Xu Peng, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the company, attended the meeting. Zhu Xianghong, vice secretary of the Party committee and general manager, chaired the meeting. Senior executive Ma Yu Xia, Huang Xiaowen, Wang Chao and Wei attended the meeting.

The meeting informed the company's operating indicators, performance indicators and budget targets in 2019, and the sales company reported the 2019 annual work summary and the 2020 marketing plan. Each center makes a report on duty, and signs the responsibility of 2020, the responsibility of safety and environmental protection, and the responsibility of clean government.

Zhu Xianghong pointed out in his work commented that 2020 is the most critical year for the development of the liquor industry in the Yellow Crane Tower. All staff should make strategic and tactical preparations to meet difficulties and meet challenges comprehensively, and establish core and competitive advantages. Focus on the market, focus on products, find the right way to make efforts, make the "three points" change "one", start sprint, further integrate resources, reduce costs and increase efficiency, achieve word of mouth and market double twists.

Then, Zhu Xianghong also made arrangements for the three aspects of "what to do", "how to do it" and "how to do it well" in 2020. Zhu Xianghong pointed out that growth depends on itself and success depends on action. In 2020, all staff should continue to follow the direction, seize the key points, take advantage of the situation, and make contributions to the cause, keeping a city with an enterprise.

In his concluding speech, Xu Peng conveyed the spirit of the latest Wuhan municipal government's work report, shared the outstanding achievements of Wuhan's reform and development, and interpreted the related policies of enterprise development.

Xu Peng said that 2019 is a very extraordinary year for the Yellow Crane Tower liquor industry. In accordance with the plan at the beginning of the year, the company continued to thoroughly implement the nineteen spirit of the party, guided by Xi Jinping's new socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics, further implemented the policies and policies of the three governments, and set the company's "135" strategic objectives. With the gradual improvement of social status and the continuous increase of government support, employees are getting more and more energetic, and their sense of happiness and acquisition is getting higher and higher.

Xu Peng pointed out that in 2019, the company's brand influence was greatly enhanced, the sales market grew at full speed, and sales increased steadily compared with the same period. The dealer team and key markets continued to expand, the quality of products steadily improved, the market word-of-mouth continued to reverse, the talent echelon was becoming more and more perfect, the party construction was promoted, the production and operation were enhanced, the brand image of enterprises was promoted, and the Suizhou project steadily promoted, and the trading company was steadily promoted. The growth of income has been greatly increased, and the credit line of banks has been increasing continuously. The prospects for development are fully recognized by the outside world.

Xu Peng further analyzed the existing pressure. He said that at present, the company is still facing the objective of increasing economic downward pressure and worsening competition in the industry. Within the company, brand reputation and brand influence still need to be greatly improved. The company's internal management level still needs to be improved. Employees still have problems such as insufficient work innovation, insufficient executive power, lack of awareness of confidentiality, safety awareness, lack of respect for the system, excessive turnover of personnel, and strict idea of frugality.

For the 2020 work plan, Xu Peng asked, in 2020, the company should continue to increase brand publicity, tell a good brand story, and further enhance the brand impact; strengthen the audit coverage, and further enhance internal management; strengthen the overall control of raw materials, liquor quality, and so on, and realize the optimization of product quality; We should dare to take responsibility, think hard, and achieve further cost reduction through internal marketing and other means. We must continue to investigate all kinds of safety risks, ensure the safety and environmental protection, and plan for the reverse plan, ensure the quality and quantity, and speed up the project construction. We must continue to increase exchanges with the industry and cross industry, do well in the "division of apprentice", and further strengthen personnel training. It is necessary to improve audit capability and achieve re coverage of internal control audit. We must grasp the pilot project of "learning powerful nation", innovate methods, and further promote party building work. We must strictly implement the concept of "all services for sale and all obedience to sales", and comprehensively enhance, comprehensively optimize, speed up, improve efficiency, and ensure sales tasks.

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