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  • Spring Festival Gifts!

    網站首頁    Spring Festival Gifts!


    Sending stockings in the Little New Year

    In order to thank the efforts of our staff during the past year and enjoy a happy holiday, our company carefully prepared many gifts for them for the coming New Year. At the same time, these spring festival gifts convey our company’s sincere blessing and best wish to the employees and their families.



         Happy laughers quit the Old Year, good luck welcome the New Year. All the New Year goods and the genuine benediction are sent to every employee, which express the best gratitude from our company.


    Delivering the gifts



    Employees received the gifts

    The achievements of our company depend on the hard work of all employee and the success is worth sharing with everyone. The harder we work, the more luck we have, the more efforts you pay, the more success you obtain.

    Wish everyone happy New Year and family reunion!

    2020年1月17日 17:00