Job title Working place Number of recruits Release time
  • Sewage operator Xianning One 2020-01-17

    1, according to the operation standard for equipment maintenance.                         
    2, do a good job in routine maintenance of equipment, to eliminate the "run", "risk", "drop", "leakage" phenomenon.                         
    3, quality and quantity to complete the maintenance work; equipment integrity rate of 95%; regular maintenance of equipment.                         
    4, fill in the operation records of sewage stations correctly; do well in cleaning equipment and sanitation and daily maintenance in the area under control.                         
    5, regularly check the equipment and tools, and find the problems in time to the safety equipment supervisor. Ensure the normal operation of the instrument.                         
    6, add medicament on time and quantity to ensure that the dosing pump is properly dosed.                         
    7, stick to the work position, no time to leave the job without authorization, do a good job of inspection according to the regulations, and record all kinds of operation parameters.                         
    8, responsible for water and electricity conservation, water quality assurance.                         
    9. Complete other temporary tasks assigned by the leader.                         


    1. High school or above, biology, mechanical and electrical related majors.

    2. Have the knowledge of equipment maintenance, familiar with the limited consideration of sewage treatment process and process control methods.

    Fringe benefits:

    Six risks, one gold, holiday and welfare wine, materials, year-end bonus, red envelope, free tooling, physical examination, tourism, etc.

    Salary and benefits:


    Application position
  • GODOWN keeper Lianhua Lake Hotel, Caidian District, Wuhan One 2020-01-17

    1. Warehouse site management is in line with company 6S requirements.

    2. The rate of conformity of products in charge is 100%.

    3, according to the company's receipt and delivery process operation.

    4, overdue materials for alarm processing.

    5. Timely repair of damaged repair products.

    6, outgoing and warehousing follows the FIFO control principle.


    1. High school or above, within 40 years of age, familiar with warehouse account management.

    2, scan operation skills.

    3. Living in Caidian is a priority.

    Working hours:

    Last six cease one

    Fringe benefits:

    Six risks and one gold.

    Holidays, welfare wine, materials, year-end bonus, red packets, free tooling. Physical examination. Tourism, etc.

    Working address:

    Lianhua Lake Hotel Caidian District Wuhan city Hubei Province

    Salary and benefits:


    Application position
  • Tour guide No. 558 parrot Avenue, Hanyang District, Wuhan Two 2020-01-17

    1. guide tourists and visitors to visit scenic spots, corporate culture, business center product introduction, etc.

    2. statistics of reception data, arrangement of official documents, fixed assets management of scenic spots, and visits to materials.

    3. and other work arranged by the leader.


    1. master of Higher Education (including) or above, broadcasting and hosting, tourism management and other professional priorities.

    2. age less than 28 years old, requires good image quality, strong affinity, service industry experience or sales experience preferred.

    3. outgoing, with good understanding, expression and communication skills, strong sense of service and basic business etiquette.

    Please complete the resume with a photo of your life.

    Working hours:

    Five days, eight hours, double breaks.

    Fringe benefits:

    1. six risks and one gold.

    2. provide accommodation and contract work for meals.

    3. three welfare materials, fourteen salary year-end awards, free medical examination, tooling, tourism and so on.

    Salary and benefits:


    Application position
  • Purchasing Specialist (double cease) No. 558 parrot Avenue, Hanyang District, Wuhan One 2020-01-17

    1. Arrange and receive visits from suppliers.

    2, through the trade company's goods barter form to purchase the company's welfare and other materials.

    3, material unit price comparison, quotation documents sorting and input system;

    4. Purchase orders, rush orders, delivery records and tracking;

    5. Sort out supplier information, including supplier quotations, product categories, etc.

    6. Custody and maintenance of purchasing quality records;

    7. Compile and collate weekly reports and monthly reports of the purchasing department, check the bill.

    8, complete the price negotiation and so on;

    9, manage daily purchasing documents, record purchase progress;

    10. Other tasks assigned by departmental leaders.


    1. Bachelor degree or above, excellent graduates or relevant working experience.

    2. Strong communication and coordination ability, cheerful personality, good at communication, careful, serious and responsible;

    3. Familiar with office software operation;

    4. Strong ability to work under pressure.

    5. A group buying experience is preferred.

    Working address: No. 558 parrot Avenue, Hanyang, Wuhan, Hubei.

    Working time: five days, eight hours.


    Fringe benefits:

    1, six risks, one gold.

    2. Provide accommodation and lunch.

    3, fourteen salary, year-end bonus, year-end bonus, free medical examination, welfare equipment, holiday wine, trade union welfare, incentive travel, etc.

    Salary and benefits:


    Application position
  • Suizhou regional key account / Hotel Sales Supervisor Hubei Suizhou city / town Six 2020-01-17

    1. Responsible for the sales work of towns and townships in Suizhou / Guangshui, regularly fulfill quantitative job requirements, and independently handle and solve the tasks they are responsible for;

    2, manage customer relationship and complete sales tasks;

    3, understand and explore customer needs and purchase desire, introduce the advantages and characteristics of their products;

    4. Provide professional advice and help and guidance to company policy implementation.

    5, visit terminal, safeguard terminal customer sentiment, product appraisal promotion.

    Training development:

    1, induction training: that is to participate in the company level, departmental level, post level three training, training assessment through the post.

    New comers? No one? Non-existent! Perfect training and assessment system, strong unified learning atmosphere, relaxed colleagues interpersonal relationship, too heartbeat!

    2, ability enhancement: business training, skill training, group attachment study, expatriate training, reserve cadre training, MTP manager training camp, etc.

    Personal development promotes company development, company development drives personal development and win-win.

    3, career promotion: open competition for posts, salesperson - Business Manager - Deputy Manager - Manager Assistant - Deputy Director - chief inspector.

    Encourage task oriented assessment, pay attention to training, do not engage in airborne, able to go up!


    1. College degree or above;

    2. Work experience in fast moving products industry, outstanding performance, and large customer resources will be preferred.

    3. Outgoing, responsive, expressive, strong communication and communication skills with affinity.

    4, have certain market analysis and judgement ability, good customer service consciousness;

    5. Responsible and able to work under great pressure.

    Fringe benefits:

    1, welfare treatment: entry is to pay six insurance, one subsidy, transportation subsidies, catering subsidies, travel subsidies, housing subsidies.

    Welfare examination, staff travel, team building, paid annual leave, supplementary accident insurance, supplementary medical insurance...

    Not only state-owned enterprises, but also what you want and do not expect.

    Salary and benefits:

    10-15 million / year

    Application position
  • Suizhou Engineering Specialist (Safety Management) Suizhou One 2020-01-17

    1. responsible for the safety management of site construction in Suizhou plant area, and carry out the implementation of various site plans.

    2. work with technicians to develop various construction plans to ensure the completion of project quality and schedule.

    3. urge all kinds of materials to enter in time, and do well in inspection, experiment and finished product protection.

    4. responsible for project schedule and schedule management.

    Working hours:

    Five days, eight hours.


    1.. Basic CAD, certificate holder, bachelor degree or above in civil engineering, engineering management and other related majors.

    2. more than 2 years relevant work experience, excellent fresh students can also be considered.

    3. be familiar with the construction process, construction, safety and quality management, acceptance and delivery of construction projects.

    4. familiar with construction related technical work, and can independently complete related management work.

    5. the work is conscientious, responsible, rigorous, meticulous, principled, teamwork spirit, and able to take the initiative to carry out tasks assigned by the leader.

    Fringe benefits:

    1. six risks and one gold;

    2. welfare goods for holidays and holidays;

    3. thirteen salary, year-end bonus, year-end benefits, free medical examination, free tooling. Free travel, etc.

    Salary and benefits:


    Application position

Ms. Zhang (Wuhan area) 027-84522631/18502798538

Ms. Jiang (Wuhan area) 027-84522618/15827516480

Ms. Tao (Xianning area) 0715-8190026/18972851270

MS Wong (Suizhou region) Eighteen billion six hundred and seventy-two million two hundred and sixty-five thousand two hundred and forty

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