personnel training

The Yellow Crane Tower liquor training system is built by the company's human resources center. It guarantees operation from five aspects: system, lecturer, curriculum, software, hardware and so on. Adopting online and offline (Online To Offline hybrid) training mode, training and learning as a carrier to impart knowledge and experience, satisfy employees' thirst for knowledge and realize their self-worth, and continuously improve their working skills and comprehensive quality.

    The online training platform mainly focuses on pre research, pre class study, after class examination and after-school test. It also provides massive online course resources to enable employees to learn everywhere and learn everywhere. Based on the Yellow Crane Tower lecture hall, a knowledge sharing platform is established through internal sharing and external training. Students are taught in accordance with their aptitude, and the interaction and orientation of training are enhanced. Sex, Gujing Group's training and benchmarking enterprises' cross-border learning as a supplement to offline training to help employees broaden their horizons and learn advanced management concepts. Through the above forms, we will gradually form a training operation mechanism and management mode featuring the characteristics of Yellow Crane Tower's liquor industry, helping employees and companies make common progress and common development.

The company attaches importance to staff education and training, establishes the "training management system", and identifies processes and tools such as training needs identification, training plan formulation, training implementation, training assessment, training records, lecturer team and other processes.

At the same time, in order to ensure the effective development of training, the corresponding hardware and software facilities are provided, and sufficient financial support is provided to ensure the company's rapid development. At present, there are 6 training classrooms in the three major bases of the Yellow Crane Tower liquor industry (the Suizhou plant is being built and will increase later), of which 300 are 2, 100 are 1, and 50 are 3. In Wuhan and Xianning, there are more than 300 beds in the youth apartment, room plus workshops, and large ecological outdoor outdoor venues, staff activity centers, stadiums and other supporting facilities.

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