Talent view: talent is more important than product, growth is more important than success.

Talents refer to those who possess certain professional knowledge or expertise, can be competent for the requirements of job qualifications, carry out creative labor and make contributions to the development of enterprises. They are employees with high ability and quality in human resources. Talent not only has good skills, but also good conduct. Specifically, the "five talks, four beauties and three loves" of Yellow Crane Tower liquor industry. That is to say, principles, righteousness, dedication, inheritance and practice; soul beauty, image beauty, language beauty, behavior beauty; love party and people, motherland, love enterprise, post, brand, love family members, colleagues, and yourself.

Respecting knowledge and respecting talents is an important prerequisite for enterprises to do well in management and management as well as a source of power for an enterprise's sustainable development. With first-class talents, it is possible to produce first-class products. If we have good growth, we may succeed one after another.

Yellow Crane Tower liquor industry should not only produce high-quality products, but also produce excellent talents. We should adhere to the concept of wisdom, wisdom and enterprise, and actively train all kinds of professionals to give full play to the core role of talents.

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