Enterprise mission Contribute to wine and enjoy life.
Corporate vision To be the most popular and respected liquor enterprise in China.
Enterprise values To be a real person, to brew good wine, to make good health, to help the world.
Enterprise ecology People are right, fair and just.
Enterprise strategic path : Master intelligence, cross boundary integration, structural optimization, human post interaction
Production concept To produce quality, taste to quality, style to mouth, and style.
Market concept The customer's demand is our wish, and the interest of our customers is our value.
Behavior concept Everyone is the Yellow Crane Tower brand, everyone is the image of Yellow Crane Tower, and everyone is the example of Yellow Crane Tower.
Execution concept One day does not slack off, one does not let go; only to find a way for success, not to find reasons for failure.
Team concept : solidarity, simplicity and efficiency, responsibility and responsibility.
Enterprise employment standard Talent is more important than product. Growth is more important than success.

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