Yellow Crane Tower wine industry Co., Ltd. is a large-scale liquor making enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales. Currently, it has three bases, namely, Wuhan, Xianning and Suizhou, with more than 2000 employees. In 2016, Yellow Crane Tower wine and the "old China eight famous liquor" Gujing Gong liquor officially opened strategic cooperation, creating a new pattern of "China's two famous liquor".

Yellow Crane Tower wine has a long history. In 223 ad, there were "allusions". In 1898, Zhang Zhidong, governor of Huguang, presented the wine to the imperial court, and was given the name "Tiancheng Fang", meaning "good wine, natural wealth and strong people". In 1952, the state owned Wuhan distillery was set up; in 1979, the output exceeded ten thousand tons; in 1984, the fourth national liquor fair was awarded the title of "famous Chinese liquor"; 1989 In 2006, he won the title of "famous Chinese liquor". In 2006, he got the "pure grain solid fermentation" sign certificate. In 2011, the Yellow Crane Tower liquor was identified as the "Chinese time-honored brand" by the Ministry of Commerce. In recent years, as one of the six pillar industries in Hubei and Wuhan, Yellow Crane Tower wine was officially designated as the "Centennial brand project" of the province.

Yellow Crane Tower wine industry Co., Ltd.

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As the representative of Hubei liquor, Yellow Crane Tower wine, with its unique fragrance, interprets the magnificent and extensive culture of Chu culture. It is soft and mellow, elegant and pure, and has a long lingering aftertaste. At present, the main products of the company are large scent series, Chen Xiang series, ecological pulp series and building series. Among them, a series of buildings, small Yellow Crane Tower, as a famous liquor brand in Hubei, are exported to overseas; the main product Yellow Crane Tower wine "Chen Xiang 1979", with the fine quality of "more elegant aroma, more soft entrance and more pleasant aftertaste", is loved by consumers.

In recent years, the company has increased investment in infrastructure and technology research, accelerated the construction of personnel training and management system, and has imported the whole set of high-tech precision analytical instruments from Agilent Technologies. At present, the company has more than 30 technical talents including state-level liquor judges, senior engineers and senior technicians.

The Yellow Crane Tower base in Xianning, the three largest base, is located in the magical "30 latitude world famous wine belt". It covers an area of nearly 1000 mu, with a total investment of 500 million yuan. It is a new wine making base integrating modernization, ecology and high technology. The base has made the unique quality of Yellow Crane Tower wine with advanced production equipment, unique position difference, self flow technology, cave type wine making technology, and unique natural environment and water quality.

The Yellow Crane Tower liquor industry adheres to the core values of "being a real person, brew wine, improve its body, and help the world". It aims at "producing quality, quality to taste, style to taste, and style to be different", and strives for excellence in product quality and brand building, striving to become a popular and respected liquor enterprise in China.

The future strategic goal of Yellow Crane Tower liquor industry is to implement "double wine matrix, double market resonance and double brand drive" on the basis of "strategy 5, operation five star" and the famous liquor Gujing Gong liquor in China, so as to realize the revival of Yellow Crane Tower famous liquor.

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