Twenty-three 2019-07
The Trade Union sent a warm summer romance. In July 22nd, the staff of the Yellow Crane Tower liquor trade union organized a video show of "violent monster" in conference room 1. About 20 people watched the scene. After the movie show, the staff said that the event made them feel the company's genuine concern and hoped that the trade union could organize such meaningful activities in the future. It is understood that this activity aims at enriching employees' spare time life, enhancing employees' sense of belonging and pride to their employees, so that their employees will devote more enthusiasm and energy to the future development of Yellow Crane Tower liquor industry.
Ten 2019-05
A hundred years of youth and ambition to build a new era for the party. In May 9th, the Communist Youth League Committee organized the company staff to carry out the "hundred years of youth and heart to the party, the new era of ambition" development and commendation activities. Ma Yuxia, deputy secretary and deputy general manager of the company's Party committee, attended the event. The sunshine of May is just like youth, bright and beautiful. It also creates a lively and lively atmosphere on the basketball court. The "tearing up brand" game takes the elimination system. Each center consists of 12 teams and 22 competitions. Under intense and intense running chase and strategic teamwork, the climax of the event is repeated. Finally, the technical quality center team, the sales company team and the financial management center team got first, second, third. Ma Yuxia held the awarding ceremony later.
Fourteen 2019-05
Yellow Crane Tower wine industry develops enterprise culture knowledge competition In May 13th, the Yellow Crane Tower wine culture competition was held in Wuhan. Ma Yuxia, deputy general manager and chief accountant of the company, attended the event. This activity is divided into written examination and answer session. It focuses on the company's corporate culture, product manuals, brewing technology, liquor evaluation and "Wuhua six project" to deepen staff's understanding of corporate culture. In the end, the representatives of the human resources center, the party team center and the Suizhou branch team won the one or two and three awards respectively. "Enterprise culture needs continuous learning, deepening understanding and getting rid of the constraints of ideas, so that we can apply our knowledge to practice and truly implement the corporate culture to the" double billion "strategic objectives of enterprises.
Sixteen 2019-05
Yellow Crane Tower liquor industry Youth League Committee won the honorary title of "54 red flag Youth League Committee" and "advanced grassroots League Organization". Recently, the Yellow Crane Tower wine and Youth League Committee has won the honorary title of "54 red flag League Committee" and "advanced grassroots League Organization" in Hanyang district. The center of brewing management was awarded the title of "excellent League member" in Hanyang district. Chen Kangqin, the production management center, won the title of "excellent League member" in Gujing Group. Under the guidance of the party committees and leaders at all levels, the Yellow Crane Tower wine and Youth League committee implements the concept of serving enterprises and serving young people, and actively develops series of work that is conducive to the growth and development of young people, and is conducive to the development of enterprises, and encourages young friends to forge ahead and strive ahead.
Twenty-seven 2019-04
Warm congratulations on the Wuhan liquor making workshop awarded the honorary title of "worker pioneer" in Hubei province. In April 26th, the director of Hubei economic and trade union, Zhou Yi, led a trade union to visit the Yellow Crane Tower liquor industry and give a licence to the Wuhan brewing workshop. The Wuhan liquor making workshop, through extensive labor competition and skill competition, has constantly improved the skill level of employees and achieved double harvest of output and quality. Through rationalization proposals, we have developed a mechanization pond tool to create great benefits for enterprises. Through the activities of teachers and disciples and helping each other, we have trained a batch of brewers, laying a solid foundation for the sustainable and stable development of enterprises. We hope that all the staff will follow the example and strive for excellence first, and always uphold the values of "being a real person, brew wine, be good at themselves and help the world", and compose a new chapter in the Yellow Crane Tower liquor industry.
Twenty-nine 2019-03
In March, I was in motion in Yangchun. In March 28th, the trade union organized the Yoga Association for the first time. More than 50 workers participated in the event. In the 1 hour Yoga course, the workers relieved the pressure of work while relieving the mood of the busy day. At the same time, the mind was relaxed when the body was exercised, and the activity received everyone's positive response and praise. After the service production, the trade union will continue to actively organize interest association activities, add color to the amateur life of the staff and workers, enrich the amateur cultural life of the staff and workers, and arouse the enthusiasm of the general staff.
08 2019-03
Beautiful Yellow Crane Tower interesting "March 8" Festival Beautiful Yellow Crane Tower interesting "March 8" festival in March 8th, the Yellow Crane Tower liquor industry organized the celebration of "March 8" fun activities, more than 200 workers participated actively. The competition is divided into individual and team competitions, including six items: tug of war, group skipping, passing hula hoop, multi player holding, anti password and turnip crouching. In the fierce tug of war competition, with the referee's whistle, tug of war competition began.
Twenty-seven 2018-08
Yellow Crane Tower wine industry convenes the first second workers' Congress In August 24th, the Yellow Crane Tower wine industry held its first second workers' Congress. Party member of Gujing Group, deputy general manager of Gujing Gong liquor stock company, Xu Peng, Secretary of Yellow Crane Tower liquor Party committee, chairman of the board, assistant general manager of Gujing wine company and Zhu Xianghong, general manager of Yellow Crane Tower wine industry, attended the meeting. The conference was unveiled in the passionate national anthem. At the meeting, Zhu Xianghong made the "Yellow Crane Tower wine industry 2017 annual work report", reviewed the work in 2017 and made a comprehensive plan for 2018. He demanded that the company should strengthen the party building and promote management, strictly manage the party in a comprehensive way, firmly promote the production with Party building, achieve the strategic goal of "135", deepen the internal management in an all-round way, and achieve the upgrading of management. The conference deliberated and voted for the collective bargaining agreement on Yellow Crane Tower liquor industry. In the second half of 2018, Xu Peng pointed out that the whole company should work together in the same boat.

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