Twenty 2019-05
Activities, innovation, Party building and business management In May 17th, the Party branch, the brewing quality Party branch, the financial audit Party branch and the Party branch purchasing party branch jointly launched the "party theme party day" campaign in May, with a total of more than 20 branches and Party members. This event is closely related to the goal of "promoting the production and management by Party building", and combines the "stagnation point propaganda" with the "street and street", and invites the general public to appreciate our liquor in a more intimate and intimate manner. Not only publicizing the brand and product quality, but also further narrowing the distance between consumers and enterprises.
Twenty-six 2019-04
"Branch theme party day" Innovation: boost sales first In April 27th, the joint office of the executive branch of the CPC and the Huangpi branch of the personnel branch launched a theme party day innovation in Huangpi Mulan grassland. Cai Zhongzhi, a member of the company's Party committee, Secretary of the executive branch branch, Wei, and director of the Huangpi office attended the event. On the activities of Party members and cadres, Party members and Party members laid a good stack up, carried out the activities of collecting praise and sending small wine, and guided tourists to pay attention to the public number of Yellow Crane Tower liquor and forwarded their friends circle. At the same time, some party members took the initiative to invite tourists to taste the prairie, open up marketing, introduce the brand of Yellow Crane Tower liquor for tourists from Mulan grassland, and actively recommend products, and take a series of video clips of "I am the representative of Yellow Crane Tower wine". It is also the International Kite Festival on Mulan prairie. Tens of thousands of athletes from all over the world participate in the kite flying.
Twenty-six 2019-04
"Party theme party day" Innovation: joint promotion of production and marketing In April 25th, the Party branch of the Suizhou branch and the Suizhou Marketing Center launched the theme party day activities of the "Yellow Crane Tower liquor into the community" branch in the Han Dong star Capital District, Zengdou, Suizhou. Yellow Crane Tower wine party committee member, Suizhou branch Party branch secretary Min Boping, assistant director of Suizhou marketing center Dai Daoguo and Suizhou branch Party members and activists participate in the activities. At the scene of the event, Party members and activists enthusiastically introduced products to the community residents, and launched the WeChat sweep code to send small wine activities. At the very beginning, the community residents were concerned about it, and the residents enthusiastically participated in the activity. The "Yellow Crane Tower wine entering the community" is one of the forms of regular party day activities carried out by the Party branch of Suizhou branch every month. The Party branch leader of Suizhou branch factory
Twenty 2019-04
Branch theme party day "innovation": joint development of branches to promote development In April 19th, the party general branch of Yellow Crane Tower wine industry joined hands in the Central Party Day activities of the Party branch of the para Chau Lake ink Lake coalition. Qiu Hong, assistant secretary of the ink Lake Branch of parrot Island, assistant general manager of Yellow Crane Tower wine industry and Wang Chao, executive deputy general manager of sales company, attended the event. During the campaign, all the party members relived the pledge of joining the party and learned the spirit of the party's articles of association, Party discipline and laws and general secretary Xi Jinping's important speech. In communication, Wang Chao introduced the development of the liquor industry in Yellow Crane Tower. He said that Yellow Crane Tower wine has always adhered to the idea of "grasping the party building around the operation, grasping the party building and promoting development", and constantly deepening the layout, focusing on brands, products and markets, hoping that all Party members can unite as one and work together for the Yellow Crane Tower wine. Qiu Hong in the exchange table
Nineteen 2019-04
Innovation of the party's theme party day: giving full play to the pioneering role and promoting sales by Party Building In April 18th, the Yellow Crane Tower wine party group purchased the Party branch, the joint financial audit Party branch, and launched the "party building and sales promotion" branch Party Day Thematic Party Day activity at the 100 store ink Lake shop. This event is divided into WeChat sweep code gift presentation and liquor tasting group. People at the scene said they were old Wuhan people. They had different feelings for Yellow Crane Tower wine. They praised the present product quality and would always support Yellow Crane Tower wine. This "Party branch theme party day" activity has further strengthened the promotion of brand publicity by Party building, actively responded to the company's concept of full staff marketing, conscientiously implemented the "three people" code of conduct, and played the vanguard role of Party members, for the ancient well &ld
Seventeen 2019-04
"Party theme party day" Innovation: promotion of main brands and promotion of scenic spots In April 16th, the Party branch of Xianning organized all Party members to carry out the theme party day 5+N "helping brands + scenic spots" activities in Qinglong mountain park. Li Liang, Secretary of the Party branch and director of Xianning branch factory, Li Jiuhong, chief engineer of liquor design, assistant director of brewing management center Zhao Yuansheng, assistant Chen Zhaoyang, director general of Xianning branch, participated in the activities. At the scene of the activities, consumers understand the brand culture of Yellow Crane Tower wine, feel the quality of products and publicize the product's reputation by tasting, scanning codes, making friends circle, registering information and receiving gifts.
Fourteen 2019-04
Visiting the old liberated areas of Hong'an to learn the revolutionary spirit Visiting the old revolutionary base area of Hong'an, studying the revolutionary spirit, the Party branch of the Yellow Crane Tower branch of the Yellow Crane Tower in Suizhou organized all the party members and activists to go to the old liberated areas of Hong'an to receive the education of revolutionary tradition, remembering the great achievements of the revolutionary predecessors and remembering the history of the party. Min Boping, member of the Yellow Crane Tower liquor industry committee and director of the Suizhou branch factory, took a tour to study. All the party members and activists of the party have visited the Hong'an branch of huanghuang Expressway Administration, Hong'an martyrs cemetery and Qili site. In the jute rebellion and the monument to the revolutionary martyrs in Hubei, Henan and Anhui provinces, all the party members and activists presented a basket of flowers and bows to the revolutionary martyrs, and relied on the oath of joining the party. Then we visited the jute uprising and the Revolutionary History Museum and the revolutionary martyr memorial hall in Hubei, Henan, Anhui and Soviet areas. In red
Twelve 2019-04
Innovation in the party's theme party day: wine and friends Innovation in the party's theme party day: in April 12th, the company produced the Party branch joint brewing quality Party branch to carry out the "party theme party day" innovation activities at the gate of parrot Chau hundred supermarkets, and a total of 16 party members and activists joined in the activities. At the scene of the campaign, members and activists enthusiastically invited people to come to the streets to identify the people, answer questions and answer questions at the scene, and vigorously promote the "sweep the code to send wine" activities. Through this "branch party theme day" innovation activities, more people understand the Yellow Crane Tower wine, opened a new understanding of Yellow Crane Tower wine.

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