Overview of Party building in Yellow Crane Tower liquor industry

The Yellow Crane Tower liquor industry committee was established in March 2010. There are 125 party members and 7 members of the Party committee. There are 1 general Party branches and 13 party branches.

Under the guidance and support of the Party committee of the Hanyang District Committee and Gujing Group, the importance of the Yellow Crane Tower liquor industry to Party building is gradually improving, and the importance of Party building is gradually highlighted. The leadership of the company set an example, emphasizing party spirit, grasping style and strong results. The party building and development are planned, implemented and assessed simultaneously, and the brand is gradually being formed. The system of "party building and promoting development" characterized by the Yellow Crane Tower liquor industry has been formed, and its influence has been continuously expanding, thus promoting the party building and developing the "double strong" situation.

By carrying out a series of work of strengthening party spirit, grasping work style and building brand, the characteristics of Party building work of Party members of Yellow Crane Tower liquor industry, strong foundation of Party construction and wide brand influence have been gradually formed. The high station and soft power of enterprises have been widely recognized by the municipal Party committee and the various sectors of society, laying a solid foundation for the development of "hard power" and the expansion of brand influence. It has become the development pattern of "brand + party building" complementing each other and promoting jointly building, laying a solid foundation for the early realization of the strategic goal of "two brands and two billion" enterprises.

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