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Yellow Crane Tower wine industry Co., Ltd. is a large-scale liquor making enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales. Currently, it has three bases, namely, Wuhan, Xianning and Suizhou, with more than 1500 employees. In 2016, Yellow Crane Tower wine and the "old China eight famous liquor" Gujing Gong liquor officially opened strategic cooperation, creating a new pattern of "China's two famous liquor".

Yellow Crane Tower wine has a long history. In 223 ad, there was an allusion to drunken drunken ministers. In 1898 ad, Zhang Zhidong, governor of Huguang, presented the wine to the court.

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Enterprise mission: contribute to wine and enjoy life

Corporate vision: the most popular and respected liquor enterprise in China

Corporate values: to be a real person, to brew wine, to be good and to help the world.

Enterprise ecology: people are upright, fair, fair and honest.

Enterprise strategic path: Master wisdom enterprise, cross boundary integration, structural optimization, human post interaction

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